Calabogie Peaks Resort Cross Country Biking

Cross Country Biking

Be seduced by the beautiful scenery and enchanting landscapes of the cross country trails.

Experience nature like never before as you wind through some of the most amazing scenery on trails.

Valley Cycle Tours

Calabogie Peaks is pleased to partner with Valley Cycle Tours, offering bike trips where everything is planned to the last spoke. Go to for more information and booking.

Cross Country Trails Details:

Single and double-track trails
Currently there are two main trail systems around Calabogie Peaks Resort: The Peaks Village and Eagles' Nest Trail networks.

The Peaks Village trail system is made up of single & double track trails. Single track trials loop off of the existing nordic ski trail system. The technical ability required to meet the challenges of the single track trail system ranges from intermediate to advanced. Double track trails are fairly flat with a few gradual climbs ranging in technical difficulty from beginner to intermediate.

The Eagle's Nest trail system (not shown on map) is far more picturesque and challenging than the Peaks Village trails and known for it's scenic vistas from Eagle's Nest Escarpment. Technical ability required to tackle the Eagle's Nest Loop is intermediate to advanced.

Calabogie Cross Country Trails Map
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A Note About Helmets:

Here's a great resource for kids and parents about the important role of helmets

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