Calabogie Peaks Resort – a Green Machine

Situated on 1500 acres of magnificent Canadian Shield on the shores of Calabogie Lake and the Madawaska River, Calabogie Peaks Resort takes its commitment as a custodian of this precious environment seriously.  The resort is focused on minimizing negative impacts on the environment by staying abreast of ever changing and improving methods of preservation.

Green Heat.....wood

The Calabogie Peaks Resort infrastructure includes over 10 buildings comprising of 65,000 plus square feet.  A lot of energy is required to heat the campus and, as such, in 2011 the resort made a significant shift to “green heat”.  Harvesting the waste wood from the resort forested land and the clearing and creation of new ski runs on the mountain provides “natural” fuel for our super efficient wood furnaces.  The furnaces heat a glycol fluid which is pumped through a mile of pipeline to buildings ensuring heat and hot water.  By using wood for heat the resort saves the environment from over 65,000 litres of propane emissions each year.

Green Heat.....geothermal

In addition to green heat, Calabogie Peaks Resort has installed green air-conditioning for its base lodge and conference facilities.  A new geothermal unit gets its cooling source from the ponds on site which are located next to the buildings. The geothermal units are also able to generate heat for hot water during the summer which supplements the super-efficient outdoor wood furnaces used only during the winter months.

Green Snowmaking Equipment

Green Resort - Calabogie Peaks has taken aggressive steps to reduce its carbon foot print. Green Resort.

Over the past two years The Peaks has purchased 25 SMI patented Fan Guns and Polecat Fan Guns. This state of the art snow making system, powered by electricity, has eliminated base mountain diesel powered compressors, saving the environment from 125,000 litres of diesel exhaust every year.  By not burning this diesel we eliminate over 5,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions which would require 28,000 trees to offset.

With the new snowmaking system, Calabogie Peaks pumps considerably more water into snowmaking and uses 50% less energy than in prior years.  In addition, the fan guns have resulted in a savings of approximately 1 million KWH of electricity.  This represents enough energy to run over 1,000 homes for a month.
Within the Buildings we are:

  • Recycling waste products including bottles, glass, paper and inkjet printer cartridges.
  • Harvesting and recycling of our waste kitchen oils.
  • Using minimal cleaning products containing harmful chemicals.
  • Replacing bulbs in lighting fixtures with low energy types.
  • Replacing electrical appliances with high efficiency models.
  • Purchasing a growing number of recycled products.
  • Donating all useable hotel items such as linens, towels, furniture etc. to local non-profit organizations.
  • Suggesting gently to guests to not change sheets and towels daily.
  • Lowering the thermostats to comfortable levels.

Outside the Building:

  • We test the water coming into and leaving the resort multiple times daily.
  • We plant species which are indigenous to the area and are removing non native invasive species.
  • Wherever possible, we are using organic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Activities for guests reinforce an appreciation for the area and the greater environment.

Our environmental commitment is important to preserve and maintain the immediate and wider environment for the prosperity and enjoyment of future generations and to ensure the continuing success and viability of Calabogie Peaks Resort.


30 Barrett Chute Road Calabogie, Ontario, K0J 1H0 | Toll Free: 1-800-669-4861