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Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator manages all group sales business throughout the hotel, including the detail relating to all banquet event bookings and inquiries from existing and potential clients.


  • Timely response to customer inquiry and questions (by phone or e mail per customer preference)
  • Accept phone calls on cell phone at all reasonable hours when off site (auto forwarded from phone)
  • Respond to e mails or texts at all reasonable hours when off-site when necessary or urgent
  • Timely sharing of information with all appropriate Resort staff to deliver high level customer service


  • Timely preparation and delivery of proposals to prospective customers
  • Create professional looking proposals using Resort applications


  • Create comprehensive BEOs that capture all event information and related detail
  • BEOs updated on a continued basis for changes requested by and agreed to with customer
  • Identification of party responsible for delivering unusual or non-routine BEO items
  • BEO meetings to brief appropriate Resort staff on event requirements to ensure excellent service


  • Solicit new business by phone and email during quiet periods and when requested
  • Record all solicitations in ResortSuite and track business that is obtained or lost
  • Assist with off-site trade shows, sales blitzes & sales campaigns when requested
  • Upsell occupancy with larger room types and additional room nights
  • Upsell F&B with higher value food and wine and bar products
  • Maximize occupancy by accommodating more than one event on site at the same time
  • Cross sell recreational products to groups

Site Tours

  • Accommodate customer preferences for the day and time of site tours
  • Conduct site tours

Business Records

  • Event and Outlook folders for every group event
  • Folders organized by time , subject matter , contact person and other developed criteria
  • No use or reliance on paper records
  • Records maintained electronically in Resort network and never saved or taken off site
  • Resort staff should be able to access Event folders & find what they need quickly/easily
  • Where necessary, enter event sales figures in Resort point of sale applications

Application Knowledge

  • Strong knowledge of hotel PMS to enter, manage and delete Group Holds and room assignments
  • Strong knowledge of Group Event CRM (ResortSuite) to manage:
    • Group F&B requirements, including banquets
    • Group BEOs
    • Meeting room and outdoor venue schedules
    • Meeting room, outdoor venue and other facilities set up requirements
    • Record communications with customers
    • Business reports (including backlog, sales reports and occupancy)
  • Accurate entry of data that management and Business Systems can rely on
  • Minimal need for management or Business Systems to diagnose, verify or correct financial data
  • Accurate post event invoicing

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